• Optimize Your Time

    Lets you focus on the more important tasks
  • Increase Productivity

    Delegation is the key to productivity
  • Lower employment cost

    Save 80% of your employment cost
  • Upscale your business

    Helps you level up your game
Your own secret weapon for getting things done.


Go Virtual is a company founded by skilled virtual assistants with a mission to give the highest quality of services to more clients worldwide who require assistance optimizing their time to achieve the pinnacle of their success! Go Virtual understands the demands of each client, unlike any other firms, because we have experienced being a Virtual Assistant!


We understand both the client and the assistant, which is one of the best advantages of working with us. We believe that to be able to understand both means being able to give our clients services that go beyond just meeting their needs.


Experience And Passion with purpose

Rusyll has dedicated her life to learning new skills throughout her career. She started in Customer support handling calls, chats, and emails. She has provided services to numerous companies of different sizes worldwide. Due to her hardwork, she was promoted and awarded multiple times. She boldly transitioned to freelancing and diligently self-taught in order to cope with the ever developing online trends. She has become an all-rounder virtual assistant who have various skills including digital marketing, site design, Content creation and writing, social media management, project management and more. Her experiences have honed her leadership skills, as well as her people skills. Her goal is to help brands achieve their goal by providing outstanding virtual assistants.

Because she didn't have any help when she was starting, she now devotes her 8 years of working experience to helping VAs reach their potential and success and be the help she never had through FREE trainings and guidance.


Your most diversed business ally

Juliet Lalamonan began her career as a technical, sales, and customer service representative, as almost everyone does. She valued each lesson and utilized best practices to advance her abilities. She worked for nine years in various functions, which broadened her knowledge and prepared her to work in multiple roles. Along the way, she discovered that she enjoys assisting CEOs.

Six years of that nine-year journey were spent as an operations manager for a company, helping them systematize their processes and improve their customer service while handling human resources and payroll functions. As a result, the CEO of the company supported her decision to become a freelancer and is now serving as a bridge to help aspiring Virtual assistants realize their full potential and find employers that match their skills.

Collaborate with us!

Great things in business are never done by one person; They are done by a team of people
-Steve Jobs