Why Should You Hire A Medical VA?

Why Should You Hire A Medical VA?

The future of healthcare is looking promising with the advancement of technology which has a significant role in providing patients with high-quality, cost-effective treatment. One of the key innovations for the Healthcare industry is the use of virtual assistants.

What is a Medical VA? 

Medical Assistants are healthcare professionals that do remote work on administrative and medical practice activities including scheduling patients, entering data into electronic medical records, verifying insurance, obtaining prior permission, and refilling prescriptions.

Why are Healthcare professionals now opting for Medical VA?

Recent studies show that more and more patients prefer clinics/ hospitals that provides telehealth services. Telehealth Satisfaction Study reveals a sharp rise in the number of customers who choose telehealth visits over in-person consultations for a variety of regular medical procedures. With this reason, medical virtual assistant can help in various tasks to optimise Doctor's time and resources. You can assign your MedVA to do live scribe or preparing all the needed data prior to the consultation. Not to mention, Medical VA are also HIPAA certified.

Another key benefit of virtual assistants is  that they provide high caliber and are cost-effective. They help save time and money. As of 2023, statistics shows the average salary of a medical assistant ranges between $35,671 and $41,780. But Medical Virtual Assistant only costs $9 an hour or $1440 a month. 


Virtual assistants play a significant role in the future of the healthcare industry. Though, there are still a few who refuse to embrace this evolution, a lot of physicians are now looking into employing their own Virtual Assistant with the improvement of care for patients in mind. Bottomline, we just want to provide better services and experience for the patients.

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