When You're On Vacation But You're Also A Doctor

When You're On Vacation But You're Also A Doctor

Working in the healthcare industry is no joke! You rarely get breaks or none at all. And if you did, you keep receiving business calls non-stop. Lucky for you, due to the technology rapidly advancing, there are now business solutions fit for healthcare professionals.

Businesses are able to provide more services as technology evolves and in that regard, hundreds of healthcare professionals has opted to hire Healthcare Virtual Assistants. The infusion of technology advancement and hiring a virtual assistant has made the healthcare system better in the recent years. 



The average salary of an on-site medical assistant who can only perform limited role is $20 an hour. Whilst a Medical Virtual Assistant who can perform transcription, Scheduling, doing virtual front desk and more is just $9 an hour. Aside from that, you can scratch the office expenses and fringe benefits off. 


Improved Patient Experience

Numerous studies have shown that Telehealth has a significant effect on patients' experience. Care Management are also being handled virtually resulting in higher rate of client satisfaction. Your patients don't need to drive a long way, wait on a long queue and exert a lot of effort just to receive a prescription or a diagnosis. They can simply schedule an appointment in the comfort of their home. Patients prefer to go to clinics who offers Telehealth so it'll be a leverage if you do.


Minimum To No Supervision Needed

Virtual assistants work with a time tracker for which you can monitor their productivity real-time. Additionally, Filipino workers are globally known as hard workers so it's really a no-brainier. Even in your absence, your business can still run smoothly. 


Business Upgrade

Hiring a healthcare virtual assistant is actually an upgrade to your business. This will give you leverage amongst your competitor. Your patients will thank you for this and most definitely you will thank yourself for having the best business decision. 


Medical Virtual Assistants Are Licensed Healthcare Professionals Too!

Yes, you've read it right! Healthcare Virtual Assistants are healthcare professionals too. Hence, you're assured  your business will be handled by people who knows what they're doing.


With all that being said, you can now take that vacation you've been longing for so long. You won't miss another holiday as long as you have GoVirtual working with you. You're in good hands!



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